Women Who Dress Provocatively Are Stupid Shameless Prostitutes Who Deserve To Be Raped – Counselor Lutterodt

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Controversial Counselor Lutterodt is out there causing confusion with his utterances as usual. As is expected of him, he has made some very unfortunate comments about women who are confident enough in their skin to flaunt their assets. According to him, any woman who dresses provocatively with highlighted cleavage and shows too much skin is “stupid” and definitely a prostitute. In an era where some women consider being bold enough to wear clothes that leave little to the imagination as a statement of emancipation and empowerment, these utterances are totally unwelcome.
He went ahead to blame women for getting raped when they wear such clothes and said that the men who rape these women are justified in their actions because they are prostitutes anyway. “This issue of women that say men must be held responsible when a woman has dressed provocatively and at the same time showing her cleavages, that it is a sign of confidence, I think that we have to bow down our heads in shame and disgrace. It is not just confidence you are looking for but it depicts the stupidity of women who don’t value what they carry,” he said in an interview with Ghanaweb.
He further defended his stance by adding, “So if you walk to the office and you dress suggestively as a prostitute by wearing tight clothing, by wearing things that show your breasts, by wearing things that are translucent and everything about you is showing, and we hear that somebody has walked up to you for sexual intercourse, why should we blame the men? This is one of the signs of the zoo keeping that is growing in our times that we call bad parenting. If you are well cultured and well-groomed from a proper home, you choose what to wear to work, to church, and to other places.”
According to him, any woman who dresses seductively is channeling a prostitute and doesn’t depict confidence in any way. “How can you dress, show your vital statistics, show your dressing like a prostitute and believe that it is confidence, that’s a shame. How on earth can you wear a dress that shows that you are clearly a prostitute and you are believing that it is confidence?”, he wondered. To him, women are solely to blame for the way men sexualize them because that’s what they are asking for when they dress like “prostitutes”.
“I believe that before we go ahead and say men are becoming too much and that everything they will go for to first ask ourselves, are we talking to our daughters to dress decently? Now as I speak people don’t even care, they wear just anything to church. You see people wearing dresses that are meant for dinner to church”, he concluded.

Ms. Ama Dzidzor, Staff Writer
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