Shatta Michy Gets Very Little Sympathy From Social Media After Getting Domestically Abused by Shatta Wale

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Yesterday, in an interesting twist of events, the Shatta couple decided to dirty themselves on social media by both accusing each other of domestic violence. Diamond Michelle, better known as Shatta Michy, loyal partner in crime and baby mama of Shatta Wale aka Gbee Naabu took to social media to expose her hubby for smashing her face to a pulp. After parading themselves as a ride or die couple, this comes as a surprise to many people who considered them as some kind of match made in ghetto heaven.
But apparently, it is a different story behind closed doors. Michy has accused Shatta of putting a gun to her head on more than three occasions while Wale claims Shatta Michy is in the habit of hurting herself by breaking bottles and cutting herself just to make him look like some sort of savage who abuses his baby mama and tarnish his image. He even claims she slapped him in front of her own mother while threatening him with a knife.
All this information is somehow too much for social media users and they are choosing to disbelieve the allegations from both sides, dismissing them as childish hype meant to distract people from talking about the VGMAs and shift attention to them. Even though Shatta Michy has showed signs of being suicidal by posting “With all the ungrateful & unkind people in the world attacking us day by day, sometimes death is more peaceful”, people still think it is no big deal anyway since she supports Shatta Wale through all his misbehaviour so she should shut up and suffer in silence.
If this is no hype and Michy is indeed suffering all this abuse from the “Freedom” hitmaker and is being a typical Ghanaian woman by pretending all is well at home, making excuses for her abuser and putting on a happy family facade to the world, then an intervention is required before things get out of hand.

Ms. Ama Dzidzor, Staff Writer
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