Shatta Michy Spills More 'Dirty Secrets' About Her And Shatta Wale — You Won't Believe What They're Fighting Over!

Shatta Michy

Since last night and now this morning these two lovebirds have been at each other’s throats on social media, levelling one allegation after another.
Michy claims Shatta Wale is a domestic abuser and he claims she’s a drama queen and has been assaulting him.
With the history of these two we don’t really believe a word they’re saying but for whatever reason they are prolonging this thing.
Michy has made a couple more posts on social media concerning this ‘fight’ and she’s revealing the ‘real reason’ behind their argument.
According to her, Wale is mad because she didn’t return a couple missed calls from him and also that she refused to empty an account she held.

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“What’s my crime? Say I missed your call??? Say i no empty account give u? If after all these years and sacrifices u wanna come on fb and rant & lie then I was in the wrong place the whole time ,defending the wrong man. I don’t regret anything, lesson learnt.” Michy claimed.
In another post she ranted: “From a one corner ghetto to 2 houses . Shall we all know how the second one came about? God hates ungrateful people. Accept your faults , or accept that u have a problem and seek help.”
Whatever these two are up to, Ghanaians are tired of their nkwasiasem.


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