Slay Queens Couldn't Storm This Year's VGMAs Because They Couldn't Afford Tickets – Criss waddle

Every year at the music awards, one thing people look forward to apart from the music and awards is who wore what and how they wore it. More often than not, we get a number of ladies showing up to the event looking like Halloween came early. The music awards offers them the opportunity to “advertise” themselves and market whatever it is they are selling.
These ladies give the term “dress to kill” a whole different meaning. One sometimes wonders where these ladies popped up from or if indeed they have ever heard of a word called “mirror”. This year though, it appears our sisters did not hear of the awards show or they were preoccupied with other things because they didn’t represent in their numbers like in previous years. Criss Waddle, AMG boss and chief patron of slay queens happens to know why they decided to absent themselves from the event this year.
According to him, they simply couldn’t afford it as the ticket prices for this year were too much for them to handle. We know most of these ladies show up to these events courtesy of their sponsors, so is it that the sponsors are no longer sponsoring or our slay queens in an attempt to dissociate themselves from Moesha and her comments have decided to live within their means and stay in their lane? In any case, Criss Waddle feels very relieved that they didn’t throng the venue looking like they belong in a horror story set in Tuobodom and took to twitter to announce his relief.
He tweeted, “Because VGMA tickets went up to 500 Ghana Cedis this Year, Most Slay Queens missed it, we have suffered enough”. We have had enough indeed. If they had showed up, they would have taken all the shine from Patapaa and his blue bedsheet. They allowed Patapaa to shine alone even though he won nothing at the awards, and for that, he should be grateful.


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