PYPER-PEBBLES WRITES: Moe$$ha Was Right Yet Stupid, I Have F*cked Someone For The Gains Before But No Armed Robber Holds A Placard Telling The World About Their Crimes And Sins

I was very much part of the many who heaved insults on Moesha for allowing herself think such thoughts and make them live reality and I know thousands of ladies and men will fault to this.
We just could not bring ourselves to accept how and why this much infantile idiocy could reside in a single person. Some of us could not be bothered by what anyone decides to do with their bodies and could not give a care to dragging some so-called hardworking women in some presumptuous mud.
Having sat down to think about all that happened with that interview and all the backlash, I am beginning to feel we as a people were so much concentrated on her words literally than the harm it possibly would cause.
Moesha nor get sense and we are not about to deliberate on that. I mean the chic could not even appreciate simple sarcasm— who else would sit in front of someone as big as Christiane Amanpour and pronounce apartment like they were slurping on a bowl of soup?
But that is not why we are even here. You see, what Moesha said was nothing but the utmost truth. None of the comments kicks my livid box as much as the ones from some females who are apparently drowning in perpetual righteousness.
How many of us have not slept with someone at the back of some ulterior motive or a premeditation of what we hope to gain at the end of one illicit s*xual affair to the other?
Perhaps you might not be getting that rent paid or getting an all expense paid trips with car gifts and all the flourishing luxuries that stem this sort of relationship but be getting proportionally what is rightly due you— the tin be say levels dey inside.
Can we all with all the honesty in this world say we allowed all those who have passed through our projects and are still passing do so because we genuinely loved them and did not expect anything or whatsoever from them?
Unfortunately, a lot of us do not have the bragging rights on this one. We fall in the other box. I have been with someone I felt little or close to nothing for and I am not about to allow myself to be judged or be branded in a certain way.
A lot of people are doing this but in a rather subtle way. The insignificant fact that someone has not come out to talk about their dark shades and all that they do behind closed door does not necessarily mean they are all saints and clean pins.
What our Instagram star, who for some unfathomable reasons landed herself this interview and global platform yet decided to play tomfoolery with is no one cares what you do with your body.
I mean that is your flesh and what an adult decides to do in the bedroom should not be anyone’s headache.
A lot of us do not have the moral right to utter even a word on such. But since sin is based on where one is standing and is defined by no God anymore, we end up clamping on people who are condemned promiscuous.
Nonetheless, this society that we have unfortunately found ourselves in defines who we are. Irrespective of how much of an angel you intrinsically are, if and when society says you are not— that is what you will die to be.
Moesha can line up men and f*uk them and no one would care once they do not know. Telling the world that is what you do for a living in no way makes you any more real than any less phoney.
When a big animal falls, everyone comes with their knife to have a cut of its meat. Moesha placed this call, and now people who are in the same boat with her are the ones making clattering noise in the background
No armed robber walks around with a placard telling the world of their crimes and sins but Moesha is Moesha and the sense dier…. we are Ghanaians and we love sensationalism.

Miss Anita-Pyper Agyei, Senior Reporter
Ms Pyper Pebbles is a senior reporter at GhanaCelebrities.Com . She holds a Diploma in Communications from the Ghana Institute of Journalism, and she is based in Accra, Ghana. You can reach her via [email protected]