Stop Being Greedy And Ungrateful — Diamond Appiah 'Punches' Ebony's Father In Defence Of Bullet

Ebony’s father Nana Opoku Kwarteng has been on a scorched earth mission against his daughter’s former manager Bullet, launching missile after missile on him in a recent round of media appearances.
He has accused Bullet of everything under the sun including abusing his daughter, causing her death and now disputing his claim that he wrote most of her songs whilst alive.
It was widely accepted and Bullet himself has said it that he was the primary songwriter for Ebony but Nana Opoku Kwarteng has cast doubt on that assertion.
In a recent interview, he rubbished Bullet’s claims and said his daughter was a superb songwriter in her own right therefore Bullet couldn’t have written most of her songs as he claims.
However, Diamond Appiah has jumped to Bullet’s defence, asserting that Ebony’s father is badmouthing Bullet due to greed and ingratitude.
According to her, Bullet literally made Ebony into who she is and her father should cease disgracing her memory with his unfounded attacks on Ricky Nana Agyeman.
She wrote on social media;
“Mr Opoku Kwarteng, with all due respect pls shut up n respect the memory of your daughter. Do u have an idea of wot it entails to write a good hit song? yes ebony might be a good song writer to u since ur obviously clueless about writing a commercial hit song but honestly the songs ebony might have written couldn’t have made any commercial impact so stop being ungrateful to Ricky Nana Agyemang aka Bullet.
“Those amateur songs are the sort of songs we call “Kwaku ananse rhymes” in the industry. She was very young and had a raw talent which bullet natured to become a fine artist. If after her demise u can now have the guts to make all these claims, then why didn’t u find money to record the songs u claim ur daughter wrote n sacrificed all u had into making her the Brand bullet made her to be. Don’t forget some of us saw her when bullet picked her up n u were no where in her life so shut up n do ur thank u tour in peace.
“Sometimes when I hear ur interviews n hear all those lies u say about nana hemaa I laugh at your jokes but that is just by the way. We all loved Priscilla dearly so let her name rest n stop being GREEDY n UNGRATEFUL. Her death is not an.opportunity for u to make money but rather to reflect on how good or bad ur parenting skills were . Thank u” she fired.


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