(VIDEO) Flat Boobs Actress Says Shatta Michy Should Pack her Bags And Leave Because She Wanna Take Over And 'Bang' Shatta Wale

Ghanaian upcoming actress, Rosemond Brown who was trolled on social media for displaying her sagged breasts in public has asked Shatta Michy, the baby mama of Shatta Wale to pack her bags and leave if she cannot handle Shatta Wale.
Rosemond Brown in a video admonished Shatta Michy to keep mute and stay with Shatta Wale because relationships are full of ups and downs.

The actress captioned that video; “Michy watch your back”. She bragged that Shatta Wale is already in love with her and that Shatta Michy should leave for her [Rosemond Brown] to take over.

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“Shatta Michy, you better keep quiet there. You say you suffer for Shatta Wale, what kind of suffering did you do for him? When you were with your previous boyfriend, did you stay when things got difficult? You left him without thinking twice and went to Shatta Wale.
“Now that Shatta Wale is tired, he wants to take bullet for me, Rosemond allow Shatta to do it. If you cannot handle Shatta Wale, please leave, and let me come and take over.

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“Every relationship is full of ups and downs, if he has beaten you, keep quiet and suffer, or else when you will leave, I will take over,” she concluded.
Watch the video.


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