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Man Murders Friend For Adding Him To Gay Whatsapp Group

Talk of the height of intolerance. In most parts of the world homosexuality is still a very touchy issue for most people, and even though it has been legalized in some parts, the rest of the world is still finding it hard to come to terms with the phenomenon of same-sex loving. The fear of most people is that if homosexuality is legalized, even people who were otherwise supposedly straight will suddenly turn gay overnight. Even though it is unfounded and preposterous, people will still make whatever lame arguments just to ensure that the practice stays in the confines of closets and heaven forbid it to be normalized.
Most straight guys react very poorly when they are hit on by homosexuals and tend to get abusive towards their gay admirers no matter how subtle the advances. Some mischievous and idle good-for-nothing so-called straight men lure gay guys into thinking they are interested in sexual relationships with them, only to turn around to shame and “expose” them. Intolerance and hostility towards the LGBTI community is the main reason why gay people chose to keep their sexuality undercover, so to speak, and most people would rather stab themselves in the face than admit they are gay.
Those with skins tough enough to come out openly have to live their lives in fear of getting abused by ignorant homophobes who just can’t stand their lifestyle. In Indonesia, a gay man has been gruesomely murdered just for adding another man to a WhatsApp group meant for gay people, because he claims he is not part of such a community. The incident happened in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia.
Jakarta Police spokesman Argo Yuwono said police arrested 21-year-old Petrus Paulus Ualubun, in West Java on Tuesday morning after passersby discovered Ali’s body with multiple stab wounds in a Jakarta alleyway. Police reported Ali had stab wounds in the left wrist, left temple, left eye, right chest, right back, right thigh.
The suspect got so angry when the victim invited him to the gay Whatsapp group, so he arranged a meeting with him, where he assaulted and stabbed him in different parts of the body till he gave up the ghost.


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