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Godwin Nii-Armah Okine Writes — The Youth May Be The Future Leaders Of Ghana But They Are Not Ghana's FUTURE

It’s a cliche of sorts that the youth are the future leaders of a nation, which is a simple fact because we would definitely grow up and take over the leadership of the nation.
But being the future leaders of a nation, which is simply a matter of time, is not the same as being the FUTURE of that nation.
To be the future, we have to actually come into power with a new way of doing things that deviate from the failures of old.
We have to come into power with a superior mindset to that of the older generation. Our ranks must contain more educated, logical and critical thinkers who would buck the status quo and introduce the bold and vision filled reforms needed to transform a nation.
Simply put, it’s not just enough to be the future leaders, we have to be the FUTURE. Our thinking must reflect the progress of the 21st century and not that of the 20th century which our parents have pumped into us.

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Unfortunately, most of us the so-called ‘youth’ in this country are simply by products of our environments. We have assimilated hook, line and sinker all the traits of our parents which they taught us as truth and consequently we have turned out no better than they are.
In a post on Facebook, I enumerated the problems we face as youth in simply parroting the ideals of our parents instead of moulding ourselves to be better.
“You have heard it said, that the youth are the future leaders of this country. And that might even have given you some hope, don’t let it.
Because verily verily I say unto you, the youth are very much the product of their environments, and most of them are indeed their parent’s children.
The same tribalism that cripples the older generation runs through their veins. Just visit any politically tinged Facebook group.

The same entrapment to superstitious nonsense is very much in their core. They believe in witches and wizards, and they give too much prominence to what their pastors say. Just like their parents.
The same abhorrence for reading and improving one’s self is part of their DNA. They reject scientific knowledge, the basis of human progress, in favour of their religious convictions. They are socially conservative, instead of progressive. They still believe edicts from 2, 000 years ago are better than applying our brains in this day and age of immense knowledge, as opposed to what was handed down from those days of immense ignorance.
Tardiness, Greed, nepotism, Fama Nyame syndrome; any affliction you can think of that has stunted our progress at the hands of our current leaders, our youth are awash in it.

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Logic, rationality, critical thinking. We’re actually told these are bad things if taken too far, because, what do you know, they might lead you to a place where you discard the religious bullshit you’ve been fed all your life. We are told there is such a thing as reading too much. We are told that we shouldn’t think too much about the concept of God because if you do you might actually go mad.
And, woe unto us, we LISTEN.
There can be no progress without Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. How much do we invest in these? Not much. You think the ‘youth’ are going to change that when Otabil has been telling them science is bunk? Keep dreaming.
The youth cannot save us when they are carbon copies of their parents who dragged us into our current situation.”


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