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Ghanaian Actors Are Comedians In Disguise – Ekow Blankson Describes Kumawood As "Concert Party"

Ekow Blankson
Most Ghanaians are ardent movie lovers but would never be caught wasting time to watch Ghanaian movies simply because of the sheer mediocrity and low-quality acting that is characteristic of most of our current movies. Most of our movies lack originality and most of those we parade as our best actors and actresses are really just script memorizers with no tact to their acts and no passion or soul whatsoever.  As long as you are good looking enough and you can memorize a script then you’re top Ghallywood material.
Besides the poor quality of acting, most of the stories are just lame with no climax. Sometimes they try to recreate Hollywood stories and fail woefully even at being copycats. Watching most Ghanaian movies is like subjecting yourself to torture and if you really cherish your life, you would simply avoid them.The acting is so cringe-worthy, you wouldn’t wish it on your worst enemy.  Even the actors and actresses in what they laughably refer to as “the industry” know very well that they “ain’t shit” but as Moesha said, the economy is making people do all sorts of things just to earn a living. As to whether they actually earn anything worth writing about is a story for another day.
Managing Director of TV Africa, Ekow Blankson, himself a renowned actor who has starred in movies like “Diary of the Black Hustler”, “Checkmate”, “The Intruder”, “My Mother’s Heart”, “Frozen Emotions”, “A Woman’s Desire”, “The Secret Burden” and the like is clearly not impressed with the current crop of actors and actresses on our screens. In an interview with SVTV he described them as extremely boring and “jokers” as compared to the previous generation of movi stars.
“I think that our new crop of actors are just jokers. Unfortunately they aren’t as exciting and real as people have done in the past. Sometimes it gets a bit worrying watching them perform,” he complained. Offering his opinion on Kumawood, he described them as nothing but a “concert party” with no direction.
“I think the Kumasi movie industry is a different form of film making. It’s actually concert party where you don’t prepare a script and follow. They are given pointers and they have to create out of it and that is the concert party style and they have enhanced it into film,” he said and most people will definitely agree with him on this one.


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