Leila Djansi, Who Was Once So 'Tolerant' She Threatened To Physically Beat Up A Fan — Is Now Calling For Tolerance Because She Can't Stand The Heat Her Moesha Comments Have Brought Down On Her Head

How time changes! If you are still on the fence about Leila Djansi’s hypocrisy and small mindedness look no further than this story for all the proof you need.
Leila has long been an intolerant person who hides behind an intellectual air to bully people, one of whom she once threatened to physically assault for ‘daring’ to have a different opinion from hers.
Yet, in the wake of her really dumb comments surrounding the Moesha issue, she is trying to stop the heat coming down on her in the guise of ‘tolerance’.
Leila had said that a married woman who doesn’t draw an income is no different to Moesha Boduong — who admitted to f**king a married man to pay rent — and we guess she now cannot handle the fire being rained down on her on social media.

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Therefore to stop the fire she’s receiving, Leila is calling for people who come on her page to be nice, not pass demeaning comments and display tolerance towards dissenting opinions.
The same lady who wrote the below post is calling for tolerance. Yeah, right! No wonder A Plus said her brain is the size of a mosquito’s clit.
Check out her ‘tolerant’ post below…
“I really appreciate everyone who follows this page. Especially followers from beautiful Ghana. Home anytime anyday.
Please read patiently.
It’s ok to read something and not comment. It’s really ok.
The rule is, if you can’t say something nice or polite, say nothing at all. 
You cannot expect everyone to reason like you or be like you. People are different. Their views will be different, their lifestyles will be different. Accept it. Be tolerant and respectful of divergent views. That’s maturity. 
It’s ok to agree to disagree.
But to troll your way to someones page on social media to insult them, that’s backward and immature. It makes no sense. 
There are folks from other cultures on this page and it’s really sad to read some unhealthy submissions. Each time you open your mouth, you become an ambassador, let your words edify, academically and socially, please. 
There are so many forms of literature that a person employs when writing prose. If you don’t understand the context or the reason behind what is written, keep it moving or ask, nicely. 
Don’t assume you know it all based on a headline or a hashtag. 
We don’t listen or read to respond, you listen read to understand before you react. 
Thank you kindly!”


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