Moesha's "Co-worker" Princess Shingle Turns Motivational Speaker, Advises Women On Their Worth

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Following Moesha Boduong’s interview with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour on the ace journalist’s documentary “Love and Sex Around The World”, a lot of women, slay queens and so-called intellectuals/feminists alike have come out to share their opinions on the phenomenon of women exchanging sex for money and favors. In a snippet of the documentary, Moesha was heard shamelessly admitting that she provides a married man with hot sex and he in turn takes care of her needs by paying for her rent and sponsoring her exotic vacations.
As expected of judgemental Ghanaians, the backlash has been so epic to the point where Amanpour had to release a statement expressing her disappointment in Ghanaians for reacting so poorly to one person’s reality. Even though she herself exclaimed “HOLY COW!” when Moesha gave a little too much information, she expected that Ghanaians would be much more tolerant and understanding of the fact that Moesha has to prostitute herself because of the “bad economy” which she blamed her lifestyle on.  According to her, the comments from Ghanaians have been so hateful that Moesha doesn’t feel like it is safe to return to Ghana.
The Ministry of Gender, because they have no other pressing issues to attend to, came out to issue a statement dissociating themselves and all “hardworking” Ghanaian women from Moesha’s comments. Some “feminists” have come out to condemn those chastizing her as hypocrites who are only pretending to be angry with Moesha because she said what she said to an “international audience” after she made it clear on the Delay show earlier that she was in the business of selling her body for a living, while others feel she is a disgrace to all hardworking Ghanaian independent Ghanaian women who “don’t depend on a soul”, to quote Shaggy.
Meanwhile, Princess Shyngle, who is in the same “business” as Moesha, has taken to Instagram to advise women not to base their worth on any man. In a post, she stated,  “You don’t find your worth in a man,….. You find your worth within yourself and then find a man who’s worthy of you”. This is kind of rich, coming from someone who is in the business of “advertising” her body to men in hopes of pulling in “customers” and “sponsors”. But hey, it is Motivational Monday and even slay queens are entitled to motivate someone out there, so we will let her breathe.

Ms. Ama Dzidzor, Staff Writer
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