Psalm Adjetefio Quits Acting To Become A "Man of God" In An Attempt To Raise Funds To Cater To His Ailing Health

One of the most lucrative business ventures in Ghana is evangelism. If you happen to find yourself hard up in the pockets and need to make some quick cash, all you have to do is grab your Bible, go into the streets and threaten random people with hellfire while reminding them that God loves a cheerful giver especially a cheerful giver who cheerfully gives to men of God and boom, the “donations” will start trickling in. Keep it up for a few days and you will have enough to set up your own church and give yourself a fancy title like “Prophet’ or “Evangelist” or “Angel” or even “Doctor”. If you’re narcissistic enough you can combine all the accolades and call yourself Most Reverend Doctor Prophet Evangelist So and So to remind everyone that your level of anointing is on a more heavenly level than your peers.
So after Ghana’s favorite Taxi Driver Psalm Adjetefio popularly known as TT came on the Delay Show and other media platforms to announce that he is in a terrible financial crisis to the point where he can’t eat what he likes and his health is deteriorating by the day due to inability to afford proper medical care and still not making enough money from the donations of kind-hearted Ghanaians, what is his next plausible line of action? Turn to evangelism of course. Unlike Ofori Amponsah whose broken heart was so serious he started hallucinating and seeing angels inviting him to join God’s choir, this one seems to be motivated by nothing other than extreme poverty, which is probably the case with most of these roadside preachers.
In an interview with TV3 News Mr. Adjetefio revealed that due to ill health he is not able to pursue his acting career anymore but has received a “calling” to evangelize to the youth and draw them closer to God. Suddenly feeling spirit-filled, he said “We have served the world the best part of our lives, but what have we done for God? I quit acting to do full time evangelism. I feel happy to be serving God in this capacity. I don’t believe one retires as an actor, but I have made the choice to quit acting; I want to do the work of God now”.
He also denied claims that he had kicked the bucket after social media was awash a few days ago with rumors of his death. “I have a heart condition which I’m currently managing. Three months ago, the state of my health was bad, but thanks be to God, I’ve recovered and I’m doing well”, he said. According to him, due to this heart condition he can’t be actively involved in acting anymore even though he has been offered a few roles.
“Recently, I had a call that there was an available slot for me to act but I had to travel through all ten regions. So I turned it down. I don’t have the capacity to do that and no director will have the time to give me 10 minutes breaks while shooting a movie”. When quizzed on whether his new-found occupation would be able to cater for his needs, he was confident that the God who called him will take care of His own, saying “if you take care of God’s work, he’ll take care of you”.


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