Akrobeto Is A Better Actor Than Ekow Blankson And He Knows It – Kofi Asamoah Blasts Ekow Blankson For Calling Kumawood "Concert Party"

Just recently TV Africa’s Managing Director, himself an actor Ekow Blankson described the Kumasi movie industry affectionately known as Kumawood as a concert party with no direction whatsoever. This hasn’t gone down well with the folks at Kumawood and they are letting him have their piece of mind. Describing the new crop of Ghanaian actors and actresses in general as extremely boring, uninspirational and worrying to watch, he went further to descend on Kumawood in particular, describing them as no different from the concert party we know from back in the day.
Speaking with SVTV Ghana, the ace actor said “I think the Kumasi movie industry is a different form of filmmaking, it’s actually concert party where you don’t prepare a script and follow. They are given pointers and they have to create out of it and that is the concert party style and they have enhanced it into film… For me personally, I think that our new crop of actors are just jokers. Unfortunately, they aren’t as exciting and real as people have done in the past. Sometimes it gets a bit worrying watching them perform.
“Acting isn’t a substitute at all… In America, they have realized a lot of revenue from Tourism especially with film. Film has given them a lot of foreign exchange and also same in India, Canada, Australia and even in Africa, Nigerians are doing so well in movies. As many filmmakers complain that there’s no work to do because the industry is challenged, Nigerians come into Ghana and they tap the talents and resources we have here and make lots of money”, he added.
These comments have irritated the Kumasi movie industry, and the CEO Of Kofas Media Kofi Asamoah has hit back. According to him, Akrobeto of Kumawood is a way better actor than Ekow Blankson. Speaking with Sammy Flex on Xylofon FM, he said: “I’m sure Ekow Blankson knows that Akrobeto is a better actor than him but just because one can’t speak English or one didn’t go to a film school or performing arts school doesn’t make them jokers like he said.”. 
He also defended Kumawood’s style, saying there is nothing wrong with specializing in comedy. “Sometimes I don’t know what is wrong with us… Is it wrong to produce comedy movies all the time? No, so what’s the problem? How many Drama and horror films is Hollywood producing now because the time of horror movies is far off.”


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