CHRIS-VINCENT Writes: 'King Sarkodie'—Perhaps A Truly Arrogant Fame Driven Illiterate “Douchebag”


Yesterday, I went to have a meeting with Bola Ray at his plush EIB office to catch up on some few things that are in the pipe-line.
I wouldn’t fly into Ghana and out without the Bola Ray catch-up ritual.
Bola Ray is the man, the myth and the legend—this message boldly sits on his table and I absolutely agree with it.
While at Bola Ray’s office, I messaged Berla Mundi, so I can say “Hello” to her in person. Her recent scandal got us chatting a few times and she has since helped me with a few clients I handle so I wanted to meet her—but she was out on the field.
I am told Berla is petite, just at Nana Aba Anamoah but she is truly beautiful, unlike Nana Aba.

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I didn’t get to meet her. I left Bola’s office and stood to catch up with his London returnee PA, Crystal. While chatting with the bubbly and well spoken Crystal, I heard a gentleman tell Crystal that if I am done with Bola, then he was going to bring Sarkodie up.
On my way to the car park with Kwame Hagan, a senior GhanaCelebrities.Com correspondent, we bumped into Sarkodie in his full “angry face.”
And he had a guy following him with a SLR camera—as though he was shooting a reality TV series.
People including Ghanaian stars are free to walk around with cameras and frown faces, that’s a matter of choice.
Walking beside us was a beautiful dressed woman, who I later saw jump into a Unibank Services car and therefore must be a Unibank staff.
While angry-faced Sarkodie was adjacent us, walking towards us to the lift which we had come out of, this woman shouted loudly, amplified by the emptiness of the huge floor—“King Sark, how are you?”
I have met several celebrities, from George Clooney via Jason Statham to Eminem and Kim Kardashian. One thing that runs as a common denominator with the “intelligent” celebrities is how they pretend to adore their fans—especially in public.

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But Sarkodie completely ignored this lady, and it was embarrassing. I am not sure how she was able to still walk alongside us to her car in those heels.
Kwame turned his neck and asked me, “Did you see what just happened? And then Sarkodie will come and sit on TV to say he’s not arrogant as claimed.”
I responded: “He’s an illiterate arrogant douchebag—who walks around with a camera, a frowned face and completely ignores a shout-out from a fan in such a contemptuous manner.”
King Sark, the woman shouted! I say, King Sark my foot!


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