Ekow Blankson Apologizes To Kumawood For Describing Them As "Concert Party" – Read Full Apology

Actor and Managing Director of TV Africa has cowardly retracted the statements he made in an interview with SVTV Ghana describing Kumawood as nothing more than a “concert party” and also describing the new actresses and actors as boring and worrying to watch. His comments have infuriated the movie industry and the backlash he has received appears to be too hot for him to handle so with his tail between his legs, he has come out to apologize for his statements, which weren’t so far from the truth, to begin with.
But not everyone has the balls to stand by their convictions and apparently Ekow Blankson is one of those people who will rather retract, apologize and offer some kind of explanation for their opinion instead of boldly standing by it. In the interview with SVTV Ghana, the ace actor said: “I think the Kumasi movie industry is a different form of film making, it’s actually concert party where you don’t prepare a script and follow. They are given pointers and they have to create out of it and that is the concert party style and they have enhanced it into film”  when asked to offer his opinion on Kumawood.
After Kumawood reacted with displeasure and CEO of Kofas Media said even Akrobeto is better than him, he has quickly issued an apology, saying his words were taken out of context and that he never meant to be denigrating in his submission. He took to Facebook to apologize for offending his colleagues by posting;
“Omg! My attention has been drawn to some displeasure from my brothers and sisters on an interview I granted on SVTV. Foremost, let me sincerely apologize to all “KUMAWOOD” actors if I have in anyway offended them. The caption and parts of the interview quotes were taken completely out of context. I am not that callous to ridicule or insult my own. I am told the full interview will be out today or so. I was rather encouraging our young talents oooo.
Yes I made some comments leading to the case I was making in favour of our industry. I made reference to the international market and how we can get there. I even applauded concert party which is a great form of theatrical arts. I used personal experiences to encourage our guys. It was not meant at all to defame or insult any group at all. In fact i respect them a lot and that was the point I was making.

I think that most of the young ones should be encouraged to attend some acting classes to make it better. We can compete well with the kind of creativity we possess. I admire their spontaneity and extensive acts.
Please will anyone kindly extend my sincerest apology to them. I will under no circumstance disrespect my own. It can only get better.”

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