Gabriel Heloo — Guy Who Ibrah One Owes $400,000 To Has Expressed Pity For Him And Forgiven Him Now That It Looks Like Ibrah Is Going Crazy

Ibrah One’s recent bizarre behaviour seems to have paid off in that at least one of the people most pissed at him seems to have forgiven him for now.
Gabriel Heloo was the guy who Ibrah One owed $400,000 to and who reported him to police for his arrest.
Ever since his release Ibrah One’s behaviour has been out of this world. He spends most of his day ranting on social media, claiming he would expose those behind his arrest who are also money launderers in Ghana. 
Sometimes he can be seen crying his eyes out and sometimes he’s shouting defiance and shooting his enemies.

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It seems all that bizarre behaviour has gotten to Heloo, who in a leaked screenshot can be seen saying he has forgiven Ibrah. In a chat with another friend he also begs that person to forgive Ibrah and to pray for him.
At the moment it’s not clear if the ‘forgiveness’ would also mean Ibrah can walk away free without paying that 400k. We live to see.
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