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Homosexuality Is As Barbaric As Bestiality And Is Never The Right Of Any Human – Foh Amoaning Offers To Help Homosexuals Pray Away The Gay

The albino who is lucky to belong to a society like Ghana where his likes are not just tolerated but embraced instead of being sacrificed for rituals like it is done in other countries is out there spewing his usual homophobic garbage instead of practicing the same tolerance that has been extended to him and his like by the good people of Ghana. Moses Foh Amoaning, the albino who has taken it upon himself to be the champion of anti-gay propaganda thinks homosexuality is the same thing as bestiality and that people who happen to be gay need spiritual intervention, which he is personally ready to help with.
Speaking with Paul Adom-Otchere on Metro TV’s Good Evening Ghana, the legal practitioner who is also a member of the  National Coalition for Proper Human Sexual Rights and Family Values blamed homosexuality on demonic possession and said those involved in the practice are in dire need of serious supernatural intervention. “The power of the Lord is capable of delivering people from that thing because all of this is a spiritual battle anyway. I will take you to people in this country who by the grace of God by the power of the Holy Spirit have come out of it. God is capable of delivering people like that. There is nothing that the Lord can’t do, “he said.
He cited a few factors he believes are the causes of homosexuality which include poverty, peer pressure and medical abnormalities. He insisted that there is nothing normal about homosexuality and that it is a clear deviation from God’s intended plan for humanity. “There are those who think it is a lifestyle , it is a right, let’s do it and not only do they want to do it alone, they want to encourage other people to do it and then foist it on all our heads, that I think is wrong and that can be tackled,” he explained, adding that his coalition is ready to offer help to people who are into the act he considers abominable.
“Our Coalition , we are proposing a comprehensive legislative solution to the problem which will isolate those who get into it because of medical problems and those who got into it because of peer pressure, monetary problems and environmental problems. Those, we will deal with and help them, and we will create an environment where there is legal, psychological, psychiatric and medical help and there is spiritual help for them”.
He also insisted that LGBTI rights is a falsehood since no human has the right to engage in sexual activities with the same sex, saying if that is the case then those who like to have carnal knowledge of animals should be given rights too. “People are beginning to realize that there is lot of propaganda, a lot of falsehood about homosexuality, for example it’s not a human right. In November 47 judges unanimously ruled in European human rights court that same-sex marriage wasn’t a human right. Why is it that the BBC has not talked about this, CNN has not talked about this, they’ve shelved it because they know it is against their agenda…All that propaganda is thrown out of the window because it’s not a human right because if it was a human right, if I wanted to have sex with a dog, a cat, those who practice bestiality, we can also say they are practicing their human rights”.
He encouraged Ghanaians to reject homosexuality and never be pressured into considering it as something that needs to be accepted as part of our society all in the name of human rights.


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