Women Were Created To Assist And Respect Men – Duncan Williams

The Archbishop and General Overseer of the Action Chapel International (ACI) ministry is definitely not a feminist, judging from his statements about the role of women in his interview with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour on her documentary Sex And Love Around The World. Amanpour, describing Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams as a “Sunday celebrity” sought his views on the position of women in the religious Ghanaian society.
The CNN journalist observed that in Ghana it is quite normal for men or husbands to cheat on their wives or spouses and still be considered as pillars of morality. She asked the Archbishop how he counseled such men and their spouses when they brought such matters before him for deliberation and he responded by saying he has 43 siblings and that his father had multiple wives and so that is actually the Ghanaian culture. But he was quick to add that his job as an annointed man of God was to offer an alternative to what used to be the norm before the gospel was bestowed on us by our colonial masters.
According to him if women recognize their roles in a marriage and act accordingly then they have nothing to worry about. To him, God’s intended purpose of the institution of marriage was to provide a man with a “helpmate”. He went on to define a helpmate as “one that surrounds you with aid and assistance”. He opined that “the need of every man is respect and honour and the need of every woman, it doesn’t matter what your culture, tradition or colour of your skin is, is love and security”.
When asked whether he thought women deserve respect and honour just as their male counterparts his response was “I will say that respect is not something you demand, you earn it. You don’t have to tell anybody ‘respect me’, you know? They just have to do it because you know what you are about”, after which there was an awkward silence and the documentary went on to the next one.
Pepper Dem must hear this and give us their pepper on the Archbishop’s statements. Watch the full documentary below



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