Adjetey Anang Aka Pusher Is "Out Of This World" And Can Never Be Compared To John Dumelo – Entertainment Critic

Bernard Aduse Poku, a renowned actor and entertainment critic has said that it is totally wrong and uncalled for to compare a seasoned and exceptional actor like Adjetey Anang aka Pusher to John Dumelo aka V8. According to him, John Dumelo is not even fit to shine Pusher’s shoes not to talk of standing head to head with him as far as acting is concerned. The entertainment critic made this assertion on Celebrity Ride with Zionfelix when he was asked who his favourite Ghanaian actor was.
He mentioned Adjetey Anang and Daniel Adeleye as his favourites and said Majid Michel was another actor with exceptional skills but was not necessarily his favourite. Adjetey Anang stole the hearts of Ghanaians when he played the part of “Pusher” in Things We Do For Love, with his stylish way of walking and extremely bad boy persona. Bernard Poku is obviously one of those who was completely won over and wooed by the Pusher’s persona and to him, there is none that can be compared to him.
“Pusher any day all day, what are you talking about? That is a mismatch. Bear in mind you are talking to a critic. Adjetey is on another level. He is one of the guys that you can say he is out of this world”, he insisted.
Since his debut in Things We Do For Love, Adjetey Anang has featured in several other movies including Adam’s Apple, Potato Potahto, Hero, Sidechic Gang, Potomanto, Devil in The Details, Children Of The Mountain, Like Cotton Twines, Chronicles Of Odumkrom: The Headmaster, Pieces Of Me, Double-Cross, Cheaters, Alvina: Thunder and Lightning, Masquerades, A Sting In A Tale, The Perfect Picture, M.P (Madam Pink), etc.
He has a number of awards under his belt, including  An Arts Critique and Review Association of Ghana (ACRAG) Talent Award and A Ghana Union of Theatre Societies (GUTS) Best Actor Award.


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