Those Who Promote And Practice Oral S£x Are Agents Of Satan – Evangelist

Belonging to an over-religious society like Ghana can make you feel like Satan’s first born if you are the type who embraces your sexuality and likes to get freaky in the sheets. And it is quite ironic, considering all Ghanaians think and talk about is sex and gay sex and more sex. If some pervert is not raping little girls, then some aimless guys are stalking gay people just to watch them have sex and “expose” them only to later go and beg their girlfriends to allow the “use the back door”, or some headmaster is inventing a new sex position by getting creative on a kitchen stool, or some pastor has impregnated someone’s wife.
All these happening right under our noses but we like to think of ourselves as some kind of saints. The war on homosexuality is still in full force, with self-righteous hypocrites advocating strongly against it as if what other people do in the comfort of their bedrooms affects them in any way. Men of God who are supposed to be representing a religion that claims their God is love are at the forefront of advocating hateful sentiments towards people who deserve as much love as anyone else.
Even though their Bible says no sin is greater than the other, they like to turn a blind eye to other sins happening right under their noses and only focus on bashing homosexuals. And because picking on the gays is not enough to satisfy their sadistic instincts, they have included people who enjoy and practise oral sex to the bashfest.  Head Pastor of the Living Testimonies for Jesus Bible Ministry, Sampson Joe Baning has decided to add a little sand to the desert of homophobic rhetoric but has outdone himself by including oral sexers and masturbators in the mix.
According to him, there are false prophets out there encouraging these acts and it is obvious these prophets are agents of Satan who are out to pollute humanity and make them unfit to stand before the Living God. “If you find so called men of God, who tell Christians to spill their sperms through masturbation for self-gratification, if you find so called men of God admonishing Christians to lick the genitals of the opposite sex and brag about it, know then that the spirit of the false prophet is at work. These are some of the few manifestations of the false prophets and they are working and very soon the scenario will turn,” he noted.
According to him, “The false prophet who is a hermaphrodite in the cult world is also seriously working with other satanic forces in the higher hierarchy to get all nations in the world to enact the LGBTI law. This is the work of the false prophets. In fact he is working so effectively and seriously and also working on a project which has almost succeeded in the whole world and in Ghana here too it is going on. His work is to make people unfit before God that is pollute people to make them unclean one way or the other”.


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