Kwaw Kesse Beefing With US Rapper Desiigner For Stealing His 'Abodam' Gesture

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Emmanuel Botway, popularly known as Kwaw Kesse aka Abodam is not very happy with US rapper Desiigner. You would wonder how these two managed to get into a misunderstanding, but the world is a small village and people need not necessarily know each other to engage in a virtual fight. The Panda hitmaker, Desiigner, real name Sidney Royel Selby 111 has been accused of mimicking the Abodam signature, much to the displeasure of its originator. You know that sign where he makes a fist and hits it at the side of his head to show how mad he is? Yes, that one.
Desiigner thinks he is free to use it at his own convenience but the CEO of Madtime Entertainment thinks not. The Agona Swedru multiple award-winning artist took to Instagram to send a message to the American rapper to be very careful about stealing his signature sign. He wrote, “Tag this guy and tell him to stop using my #abodammm distin pls”. Whether the post has managed to get to Desiigner, we’re not so sure but he is yet to react or reply
The pos was no doubt made with a touch of humour but Desiigner still needs to know that he can not just come and steal someone’s signature gesture and parade it as his. Before you realize, he will own it and the world will credit him for it like it was his idea just because he’s from America. Well, since the two now have something in common, we hope this would lead to a crazy collaboration between them.
Though Kwaw Kesse has been in the game longer than Desiigner, who is barely twenty one years of age, his reputation for being an American rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, record executive and actor will boost Kwaw Kesse’s chances of breaking into the international market. But first, Desiigner has to actually see the post.

Ms. Ama Dzidzor, Staff Writer
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