I Mostly Sing About Marijuana But It Has Never Occurred To Me To Try It Myself – Shasha Marley

After blessing us with a song about farts and falling off the face of the earth, it seems the “Maata tui tui” crooner is trying to make a comeback into the music scene. Bishop Abbey Jnr, the Sekondi- Takoradi artist better known by his showbiz name Shasha Marley has been away for so long after almost making it to household-name status years back with his hit songs like “Buum buum-waa waa” and “Maata Family”, we almost entirely forgot about his existence. Apparently, the fact that he is not into active music does not mean he can’t sit back, observe and form opinions, just like pretty much everyone else.
But it seems Shasha Marley might just be planning a comeback and what best way to get his name back on people’s lips than go on radio and say something controversial. Recently he was on Radio 1 (100.7 FM) when the issue of marijuana came up and he had some interesting things to say. According to him, he has never in his life tasted marijuana even once, although he has a number of songs hailing the use of the herb.
This is just like a gospel artiste who always sings about Jesus suddenly coming out to tell the whole world that he never believed in Christianity. That’s how conflicting it hets but, hey, the man says he has never tasted the thing he loves to sing about so let’s give it a rest. He said that even though cannabis has been legalized in some parts of the world, the Ghanaian culture still frowns on its usage and that it why having it legalized in these parts will take a lot more than just singing about it.
When asked whether he would dare to try it if it ever becomes legalized in Ghana, he was quick to recall the memory of a friend who almost went mad from smoking the herb and thus making it something that he wasn’t ready to add to his bucket list. I remember back in my school going age, one of my friends nearly got mad after smoking this marijuana. So since then, it has never occurred to me to try it at all”, he revealed.
Hmmm… So your friend went mad after smoking it but you still went ahead to dedicate your talent to singing about weed. Way to go, Shasha.


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