Nana Aba's Side Of The Story Is Out — She Got Pregnant As A Teenager, Osebo Dumped Her And She Was Nearly Forced To Commit Abortion But A Friend Saved Her

More revelations have come out about Nana Aba Anamoah and her baby daddy’s saga and this time the tv presenter, who has still yet to publicly utter a syllable on the issue, is telling her story.
Publicly she has not said anything but it’s obvious that privately she wants her side of the story out there and in a new report we’ve sighted, a source close to her does just that and tells how the situation between her and Richard Brown aka Osebo came to be how it currently is.
We reported on Brown’s side of the story a few days ago as he told us what happened and how he was cut off from his son by Nana Aba Anamoah. (read it all here).
In response to that a close source to Nana Aba has revealed to mynewsgh how the story all started, back in 2002 when Nana Aba Anamoah got pregnant as a teenager to a rich boutique owner she had been sleeping with at the time.
According to the friend, Nana Aba told Osebo about her pregnancy and he denied vehemently being the father and warned her to go and never mention his name in relation to any pregnancy.

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That led the then two-three months pregnant Nana Aba to visit a pub in Accra where she kept crying out about what ‘Richard has done to me’.
Read full mynews report on Nana Aba’s story below…
It was an afternoon in the early part of the year 2002, and there at a pub in a Surburb of Accra was a cute 2-3 months old pregnant young girl who was seriously wailing and crying her heart out about what ‘Richard has done to me’.
She was just an innocent lady, then in secondary school. According to her, Richard, whoever he was to her, owner of a boutique (247 Boutique at North Kaneshie) has impregnated her and refused to take responsibility for it.
She maintained to her friends who had come to listen and help her out, that Richard is the only man she has ever known up to that point but he said he is NOT responsible for the pregnancy.
He sacked her from his place when she went to inform him, vowing to deal with her if she ever mentions his name in relation to any pregnancy again.
The girl, was Nana Aba Anamoah, the mother of the now handsome son Paa Kow, who Ghanaians saw for the first time in 2012 at the RTP Awards– and the man, is the same man who a week ago emerged on facebook, claiming paternity of his child on social media.
It was at the pub, where Nana Aba was crying and wailing that some of her friends suggested abortion to her while one particular friend kicked against the idea.
According to our source, Nana Aba Anamoah herself told them how scared she was about abortion and would want to keep the pregnancy to prove a point in future, if she gets her parent’s support. She needed someone to lead her parents to explain.
One of her friends who was there at that meeting agreed to speak to because she (the friend) was very infuriated about the “social media misconduct of a father who denied his paternity when the child was a foetus”, only to pop up years later to misconduct himself on facebook.

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According to this unnamed source, the then SSS girl Nana Aba made several efforts to let Richard Osebo know he is responsible for her pregnancy and own up to her parents, and she maintained that he knew it was his, but on all occasions he refused, even allegedly assaulting her on occasions when she persisted and came to him crying. “It was after all that that failed that she had to fall on us (friends)”.
Again, learnt it was one of Nana Aba Anamoah’s friends who kicked against the abortion option who, knowing Nana Aba’s passion for ‘talking’ and journalism and how bright she was, promised to help her get into the media and work only if she is able to keep the pregnancy. The friend kept her word.
Nana Aba Anamoah’s friend who spoke to us made a point that “the man claiming to be father of the son doesn’t even know the hospital his “son” was born in”. “Can he show any picture with his “son”?, she asked.
“These are the men who impregnate young girls and deny responsibility only to turn up when they see a promising child”. She said.
But a lot more happened in between when Mr Richard Brown, popularly known as Osebo the Boutique owner, saw the same girl he impregnated and refused to accept, making waves on TV.


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