I Give People With Bad Mouth Odour Mint Before Any Ki$$ing Scene- Actress Omoni Oboli


Why people decide to subject another human being to bad breath is something that will forever remain a mystery. I mean we all or a lot of us cannot boast of a perfect breadth but some of us are trying to beat it.
Amazingly such people are the one who loves to do much of everything. They talk too much, all over and up in your face and the annoying bit— they love to kiss too, imagine?
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According to Nigerian actress Omoni Oboli, she would rather give a pack of mint to an actor she is supposed to kiss than take the pain and act the scene.
In an interview, the mother of three says she would just tell the director she cannot act the scene hence she is always prying directors to know whom she is supposed to act a particular kissing scene with and is always picky with that.
“No o, I won’t kiss him o!’ she exclaimed. I will not kiss him o, I will tell the director that I cannot kiss him.‘Everybody knows that I am very particular about kissing scenes. So before we begin, I always say you need to find out if the actor’s breath is fresh.
“If the actor is someone I am comfortable with, like Ramsey, Desmond Elliot or someone else, I prefer to give them mint and tell them, young man, let’s help ourselves.
“We both don’t want to be smelling each other’s breaths. I always make sure that their breath is fresh, we would both freshen our breaths because I will not want to offend anyone if you know what I mean.”

Miss Anita-Pyper Agyei, Senior Reporter
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