The Amount I spent On My 'Overdose' Video Can Buy Four Kia Picanto Cars – EL Brags

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Elorm Adablah, popularly known as EL, award-winning Ghanaian Afrobeat singer, rapper and producer released the video for his song “Overdose” earlier this year and he wants us to know it is not a cheap video, in case we haven’t noticed. Ever since Shatta Wale released “Gringo” less than two weeks ago, the consensus between both critics and lovers is that a considerable amount of money must have been spent on it, though we don’t have any official figure for the cost. Many agree that it is the most expensive video so far by a Ghanaian artist.
I’m sure this has put an immense amount of pressure on any Ghanaian artist worth his or her salt and some will try to up the ante in due time. In the meantime, EL says the money used to shoot his ‘Overdose’ video could have been used to purchase four Kia Picanto cars. Now that’s not a very precise estimate for those of who are not so savvy on things like how much a car costs, let alone four Kia Picantos, but it does sound like something that’ll make a dent in one’s account, especially if one is not Bill Gates or Dangote.
So we get it, EL’s ‘Overdose’ video is not cheap. The “Kaalu” hitmaker made this revelation about his latest video which was released earlier this year on the  ‘Swift’ Show with Miss Betty on Pan Africa TV. ‘Overdose’ is basically a song about the singer showering the apple of his eye with way too much love, resulting in an overdose and the video does its best to depict this ‘overdose’ of love by having EL shower the object of his affection with love vibes in a series of decently shot scenes in plush locations. Cheesy, but it works.
Bragging about his video on the “Swift Show”, EL finally answered all those who were wondering how much it cost to shoot it. (If you’re like me who never wondered for one second about this video, well you’ve been educated anyway). “People keep asking me the amount I spent on the “Overdose’ Video. The amount for my ‘Overdose’ video can buy four Kia Picanto cars,” EL said.
Seriously though, who calculates things like that? What happened to “my video cost so and so amount” and everyone moves on? This will not make me run to Rana Motors to go and find out how much a Kia Picanto costs so I can multiply it by four. And I refuse to google either.

Ms. Ama Dzidzor, Staff Writer
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