Another Deborah Vanessa; Bibi Bright Subtly Asks Baby Daddy To Put That Ring On Her Finger Already

The hustle to get someone to wife you is no easy one especially when you live a country where your parent’s unwarranted pressure at you to get married alone can get you to find a random person to put that ring on your finger.
Actress Bibi Bright is making us feel she is desperate to join the marriage pack as she has subtly asked her baby daddy to do the right by putting that ring on her finger because it was way overdue.
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Speaking to MzGee, she talked about how long she has known her baby daddy (Akwasi) and how ready she is for the ring.
“He is actually an old friend with whom I grew up together. I have known him for over 18 years. He has not I am telling him he should do oo.. Akwasi I am ready oh. You can propose now”


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