I Assaulted Adom FM Presenter Because She Looked Like An Onion Seller – Hajia Fati

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Hajia Fati, a woman best known for being a staunch NPP supporter is the newest villain in town after she assaulted Adom FM’s newscaster Ohemaa Sakyiwaa Ahwenepa, at the NPP headquarters in Accra. Defending her actions, she blamed her uncouth behaviour on Ohemaa’s “unprofessionalism” and claimed she didn’t carry herself like a journalist should and hence she assumed she was a mere onion seller who deserved to be punched.
Since when is it allowed to assault someone just because you think they look like an onion seller? Are onion sellers not human beings? And between these two, who looks like she would be better off selling onions herself? In Ghana people get a little power and they feel they can abuse people they deem lesser than them. In any case, who the hell is Hajia Fati and why is she allowed to lay her hands on a journalist? If people were to be punched for being “unprofessional” then this Hajia Fati would be getting the beatings of her life by being an equally unprofessional supporter or whatever role it is she plays in the NPP.
“She was snapping [taking pictures of] me, I don’t know her, she didn’t approach me, she didn’t tell me anything. I only saw a flash on my face twice, the third time, I slapped her because I didn’t know who she was,” she gave as her reason for the assault. Meanwhile the New Patriotic Party has issued a statement distancing itself from the uncouth Hajia and her uncalled for behaviour. The following is a press release issued by the party earlier today.
“The NPP has noted with concern an alleged attack on a journalist by one of its supporters, Hajia Fati.
We distance ourselves from the act and condemn it unreservedly.
The party wishes to assure Ghanaian journalists that, it respects and cherishes the role of the media as partners in development and does not condone any action intended to suppress press freedom.
No journalist should feel intimidated and must continue to discharge his/her duties without fear.
Though the New Patriotic Party has already begun an internal enquiry into the alleged incident, we will also cooperate with other agencies investigating same.
John Boadu
General Secretary (Ag)

Ms. Ama Dzidzor, Staff Writer
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