I Dislike 'One Corner' So Much That When I'm Selling Bread And I Hear It I Become Angry – Hammer

When Patapaa’s “One Corner” failed to win at least “Most Popular Song Of The Year” at this year’s Vodafone Ghana Music Awards, one of the people who were vocal about Patapaa getting “totally cheated” was Hammer of The Last Two. According to the veteran sound engineer, “One Corner” was undoubtedly the most popular song of the year under review, period. But does that mean you will catch the other half of “The Last Two” enjoying the song when it comes on blast in his vicinity or worse still, are you likely to catch him ever doing the silly “One Corner” dance in any corner? The answer is a huge and emphatic NO because Edward Nana Poku is actually not a fan of the song. At all.
As someone who is a connoisseur of good music and has a very keen ear, it is understandable that such a song will be irritating to his eardrums. Honestly, why that song became a hit is still a cause of great wonder to people like me. It is definitely not the kind of music I will be caught vibing to even in my drunkest moments and the least said about the dance, the better. But because Ghanaians are champions of all things mediocre and we’d rather encourage this kind of foolishness than appreciate the real good music out there, “One Corner” has managed to be a hit not just in Ghana but across Africa.
But no matter which part of the world Patapaa’s song manages to reach, there are people like Hammer who know better than to jump on it just because it is irritatingly ubiquitous. Speaking during an interview on ‘Morning Zoo’ with George Quaye on Starr FM, he disclosed that even though he agrees that the song was the most popular song of the year, it doesn’t generate any love in his heart.
“…Listen I always say it… Patapaa, I despise that song. I despise that song so much that when even we go on activations with my bread, and I hear them playing it, I get angry”, he revealed.


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