Foh Amoaning Finds A Partner In Joshua Alabi To Promote Campaign Against Homosexuality In Ghana

Mr. Moses Foh Amoaning is fast gaining a reputation as the face of homophobia in Ghana with his vendetta against the gay community, who he feels are an abomination and an evil the country can do without. On various platforms, Mr AMoaning has stated his views on same-sex relationships and has even gone ahead to form a coalition in an attempt to sensitize the public on what in his view is the “proper” sexual orientation and has offered to pray for gay people to change their ways since to him, it is a spiritual problem with the devil himself in the details.
And because the majority of Ghanaians are either homophobic or hypocrites, he has people supporting him in spreading the hate against the gay community. And because campaigning against homosexuals will get you some attention in these parts, he has gotten himself a “partner” in his anti-gay crusade, Prof. Joshua Alabi (What is it about albinos and homophobia? Maybe scientists should look into it to give us more insight into the underlying motivation of these men). Professor Alabi is the former Vice-Chancellor of the University of Professional Studies, Accra (UPSA) and has decided to use his position of influence to fight against any attempts to make homosexuality legal in the country.
In an interview on Class FM late last month, the Professor was heard saying, “I’m a Christian, and we don’t believe in that, I know Muslims also don’t believe in that, I know our traditionalist also don’t believe in that and these three segments contribute to 99 percent of our people and it simply tells us that we don’t believe in that [homosexuality]. So, we should be bold enough to tell them…  In that country for example, I don’t think they will legalise polygamy and we’ll not push them to do that and we’ll also plead with them not to push us into this discussion. We don’t even want the discussion, it’s not good for us, and I think this is what we should be doing as leaders of the country, we should just send the signal straight to them and they may stop and we’ll not be discussing this every day.”
Foh Amoaning also called the U.N Rapporteur on human rights a stupid idiot for saying the Speaker of Parliament was delusional for trying to deny the presence of gay people in the country. These two obviously deserve each other. It is obvious that this anti-gay albino-tag-team is not going to let us rest with their fierce criticism of gay people instead of focusing on their families and fighting for the rights of albinos in parts of Africa where they are used for rituals before they can grow up to start hating gay people.


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