Let's Stop Following Our Leaders Blindly, They Have No Power Without Us – Lydia Forson

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Ghanaians are always complaining about the types of people who end up us our “leaders”, mostly the greedy bastard type who have no interest in actually leading us anywhere but more interested in leading their family members out of this shithole they have created as a result of their negligence and ineptitude. What we forget is that we are no different from these people we constantly complain about. The truth is that we would probably we way worse than them if we were in their positions and had the nation’s funds at our disposal to squander.
Most people in power don’t get their leadership positions necessarily because they are the best men for the job or because they have indispensable expertise in their various fields. Most are there because they know someone who knows someone. And even if they have to be elected in their positions, the electorates are more likely to vote based on selfish interest and personal relationship than on actual merit. So if you voted for your MP because he’s your father’s friend’s neighbour who attended your uncle’s funeral and left a thick brown envelope and you sometimes go to drink tea with plenty milk at his house, can you hold him accountable if he chooses to shirk his responsibilities to the community and instead continues with his funeral-attending spree and doing everything except the one thing he was elected into office for?
We see our leaders as some demi-gods who are beyond reproach and thus we sycophantically become their personal agama lizards, nodding to whatever crap they spew. According to actress Lydia Forson, this habit of following leaders blindly will lead us to jump off a cliff and there will be no one to blame but ourselves. Taking to Twitter to express this concern, she wrote, “We’ve got to stop this culture of NOT questioning authority because we see them as superior to us. Every leader – from politician to religious; is ACCOUNTABLE to their following, without us they have no power. Our blind following will lead us to jump of a cliff”.

Ms. Ama Dzidzor, Staff Writer
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