Men Who Cannot Cook For Themselves Are A Disgrace To Themselves And Their Families – Methodist Minister

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Gone are the days when men prided themselves on knowing next to nothing about what goes on in the kitchen. Now that the women are changing the narrative and going out into the world to be great instead of being stuck in the kitchen and belabouring themselves with house chores like some slaves, the men no longer have the privilege of not participating in housekeeping and cooking with the excuse that they are “breadwinners” and hence must concentrate on making money while the women cook and clean. It is 2018 and with the advent of feminazis like the Pepper Dems and their ilk, men chilling in lazy chairs while women multi-task is getting old and unattractive.
As long as you are a human being who needs food to function, you should be able to cook for yourself, it is as simple as that. You can’t be proud of your inability to cater to yourself and go round boasting about being the “head” of any family. If you cannot nourish your own body, your qualities as a so-called leader must be called into question.
Refreshingly, men of God are beginning to share these sentiments and some do not approve of men being culinarily ignorant. According to Superintendent Minister for Bantama Methodist Church of Ghana in Kumasi, Very Reverend Samuel Kwaku Poku, it is unacceptable for a man not to know how to cook for himself and his family. Speaking at the Methodist Women’s Fellowship mentorship programme for girls in the Bantama Circuit in Kumasi, Very Reverend Poku observed that only very urban males were able to manoeuvre around the kitchen, something he deems as very unfortunate since there are many reasons for men to be kitchen-wise in this day and age.
According to the Very Reverend, men knowing how to cook ensures that they eat healthy food and also provide relief for their wives who might not be able to be in the kitchen all the time.

Ms. Ama Dzidzor, Staff Writer
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