S£x Is Not A Sin; If You Don't Satisfy Your Partner In Bed Someone Else Will – Tonto Dikeh Advises Married Couples


In our society, right from infancy, we are made to believe that sex is a very corrupt practice that will lead us to hell if we indulge in it before marriage. Unfortunately, even after marriage some people still find it hard opening themselves up and enjoying carnal pleasures even though they legitimately have the “license to chop”. When you’re watching a movie with your parents and there are scenes of violence and bloodshed it is okay to watch with your eyes wide open, but when it gets to a love scene with two people making out or making love, things get very awkward and you have to look at everything in the room from the ceiling fan to the non-existent mosquito on the wall. Everything except the television screen, because heaven forbids you to look like you’re enjoying such a scene or you know what kissing and sex are all about.
Some parents have even programmed their children to cover their faces with both palms immediately any intimate scenes come on. Most of us have never seen our parents kiss, and the way they act so unromantically to each other, we sincerely wonder how they even managed to conceive us. Even though teenage pregnancy is on the ascendency, parents pretend to not know their children are having sex and would rather leave the uncomfortable but necessary job of sex education to their teachers or peers.
Most women only talk about sex with their mothers when they’re about to get married, and by then it is probably too late to reverse all the years of bad-mouthing and shaming. They end up getting married and because they are so “pious”, they ended up boring their partners in bed. According to Nollywood actress, this should not be the case and couples must let each other know what they want to be done to them in bed to ensure mutual satisfaction because let’s face it, for every ‘Osofo Maame’ acting all icy, there are about two or three “ashawos” ready to hop on that man and give him the ride of his life.
Obviously tired of people leading sexually unsatisfied lives, Tonto took to Instagram to drop a few words of advice aimed at married couples to spice up their love life. She posted, “Let me just drop this right here: Just like you stay improved on your social, spiritual life so you should improve on your sexual life…learn new ways to please and be pleased!! Sex plays a major role in our physical life/relationship or marriage…Never starve your partner, as a matter of fact, be always ready to impress. You wanna be a boss, be a boss all around, you love a good head? Open up to your partner, if you are not satisfying them, someone else will. Sex isn’t a sin.”
She might not have been able to keep her own marriage with all these tips, but she knows what you should do to keep yours so pay attention.


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