Stop Blocking People Who Tweet About Gringo Before You End Up Blocking Your Career – Gbee Naabu To Opana

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Ever since Shatta Wale released the video for his song “Gringo”, it has been the talk of the town with people making their own videos and some participating in the Gringo challenge, where fans do their best imitation of Shatta Wale’s “cowboy” costume in the video with a hilarious twist.  In one week, Gringo has already hit one million views on Youtube and the views keep increasing. The video has been both heavily criticized and highly praised by critics and fans and has been trending on social media.
Some feel the song is lyrically bankrupt while others feel the video is overhyped and overrated. Some have even accused Shatta Wale of promoting racism and hooliganism in the video. Whether good reviews or bad, the fact remains that Gringo is trending, and this is causing some artistes severe chest pains and intense bitterness. Shatta wale’s archnemesis and labelmate  Livingstone Etse Satekla aka Stonebwoy seems to be having a hard time digesting the success of Gringo and has taken to bitterly block anyone who posts a tweet at him with the hashtag #Gringo.
After hypocritically referring to Shatta Wale as “that my brother” at Vodafone Ghana Music Awards and mock-dedicating his award to him, it is evident that Wale is only that his brother when he (Stonebwoy) is winning. Instead of being happy for his brother, Stonebwoy’s jealousy is so evident that he is beginning to look green as an unripe mango. And as is typical of the man who was christened Gbee Naabu by Yaa Pono, he is rubbing it all over his face and mocking him for his pettiness.
Taking to Facebook to throw a  jab at “that his brother”, Charles Nii Armah Mensah posted, “Artiste that are blocking people becuz of the truth will end up blocking their career ..pls stop it and let’s #Gringo?????”. It doesn’t take rocket science to tell that this is a very obvious shot at bitter Stonebwoy, and though he (Stonebwoy) pretends to be the bigger man, we all know he is suffering from “skin pain” at the moment.

Ms. Ama Dzidzor, Staff Writer
Wolf in sheep's skin. I bark low and bite hard. I like to think of myself as open-minded yet set in my ways. Way more than what you see, so you need to look a bit closer.