While Chingilingi Slay Queens Are Shaming Me For Being Fat, Their Husbands Are Paying Good Money Just To Have A Piece Of Me – Xandy Kamal

The rate at which Ghanaian women especially the so-called celebrities or “ashawobrities” as we like to call them are prostituting themselves with style is getting so alarming to the point where very soon the government will have to tax them alongside the beggars and street hawkers because they are raking in massive profits. Female celebrities in Ghana have been accused time without number of being prostitutes and husband snatchers, or “high-class escorts” if we’re being polite.
Ever since Moesha opened up about her lifestyle, it seems her counterparts in the game are coming out of the woodwork in order not to be outdone. They’re like, “Hellooo? Moesha is not the only ashawobrity in Ghana. Look at us, duh!!”. One “actress” who is fast gaining a reputation for being a notorious prostitute is Xandy Kamal, the plus-sized “breastina” who allowed her boobies to be fondled on TV just to prove they were not fake.
The same lady who said she can’t resist opening her legs for any good-looking guy who smells good and threatened to bang Patapaa very hard if he brings himself. And more recently she came out to accuse the Kumawood Denzel Washington, Bill Asamoah of being a one-minute man and incurred the wrath of his fans. Does she ever even get the time to actually act? She’s supposed to be an actress, right? But all the things we know about her are s*x-related and nothing to do with movies.
And because she is so unashamed of her ashawobrity status, she has taken to Instagram to boast about how the husbands of so-called slay queens are in her inbox offering her huge amounts of money just to have a taste of her honey while these slay queens are shaming her for her weight. She posted the following on Instagram. “Thanks for all the insults I really appreciate it sha keep it coming oo if u stop I wil be soo disappointed and those insulting my body chaii I swear u r really funny bcos u claim am fat am this and that has thank you madam slay queen skinny bae with all this his my fatness YOUR HUSBANDS AND BOYFRIENDS ARE IN MY INBOX CRUSHING ON ME AND SPENDING REAL CASH ON THIS SAME BODY OO BETTER INVEST IN UR BODY AND STOP THAT MADNESS GOD BLESS U ALL AND I LOVE U kiss kiss”.
Thank you too Xandy, we now know your real occupation. Go out there and give Moesha a good run for her money.


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