John Dumelo, The Man With Lots Of Scandals Has Finally Tied The Knot And As Usual 'Yaanom' Are Pissed For Not Marrying One Of Them (Traditional Wedding Photos)

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John Dumelo, the man with many scandals has finally tied the knot–yes he didn’t tie the knot with a woman who’s ‘all over’ the place as described by KOD in his post which pissed ‘Yanoom’.
Social media was set ablaze with KOD’s post as ‘Yaanom’ like Yvonne Okoro jumped on him with fork and knives as well as ‘swords’ to slay him for saying the plain and bitter truth.

Well, whether you are pissed or not, Opana Dumelo is off the ‘market’ and we got some exclusive photos from his traditional wedding which was held at a private place somewhere in the capital.

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Check out the photos.

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