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My Barrenness Is None Of Your Business – Nana Ama McBrown To Ghanaians

Ghanaians have made it their business to delve into everyone’s private life and criticize everything from whether or not someone chooses to get married, when people choose to have children, what their next door neighbour is cooking, who’s husband sneaked into someone’s room last night, etc. There is nothing we will not talk about. And it is worse for those in the public eye because their business becomes fodder every Kojo, Mensah and Akosua and sometimes the way they can spread rumours with absolute certainty makes you wonder why they do not have jobs as investigative journalists and give Anas Arimiyao Anas a run for his money.
One person who has been the go-to chewing stick for gossips is Kumawood actress Nana Ama McBrown. From her marriage to a man who is relatively younger than her to how said man is not so proud of being the wife of such an “old woman” to how she has not been able to bear a child yet she is seen on television doing commercials for baby diapers, the poor woman’s ears must always be ringing non-stop.
The actress who very recently bought herself a Range Rover Evoque was on the Celebrity Ride With Zionfelix show and expressed her disappointment in Ghanaians for not respecting peoples privacy and saying wicked things about issues that are supposed to be private and sensitive. Speaking on the Angel TV programme, Nana Ama McBrown told Zionfelix that she was sick and tired of keyboard gangsters hiding behind the internet to spread malicious lies and talk about things they know nothing about.
She said children are a gift from God and He is the one who chooses when to present these gifts so it is just lame for Ghanaians to be going on about how her time hasn’t come yet since there is not much she as a mere mortal can do about the matter. She revealed that she would very much love to have a child of her own and has taken the necessary measures but the rest is up to God so Ghanaians should shut up and let God be God.


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