CHRIS-VINCENT Writes: John Dumelo Married His Wife Because of Her NDC Connections — And So What?

I have received over 10 messages from people, mostly women, claiming that John Dumelo married his new wife, Gifty Mawunya Nkornu because of her political connections with the NDC.
I do not want to dispute this since that could have contributed to John settling down with this particular lady, over the many others who claim to have been in a relationship with him.
But if that’s the case, what’s wrong with it?

You must be a fool to think that marriage is all about love—or relationships thrive on just shouting ‘I Love You Honey.’
Marriage is a life long journey and it’s always about what each party is bringing to the table. A lot of women have nothing to bring to the table, and that’s why they get dumped, for those offering compelling things.
It’s a matter of choice—of the man.
John Dumelo has for some years now been showing political interest. He wants to become an MP and probably become a President one day. This has been widely reported.

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So if that’s indeed true: don’t you think it’s prudent that in considering his choice of wife, he placed importance on the one who can aid him to achieving his goal?
In a relationship, the parties ought to help each other become better persons and achieve their dreams. What’s John’s mistake, for choosing a woman who brings him closer to his dream over one that do not have same connections?
Look, you may not have a political ambition and therefore your choice of wife would be influenced by different factors, which are valid. In the same way, people like John Dumelo must look carefully and choose those who will bring them closer to their dreams.
Of course, the woman John Dumelo married, also accepted to marry John after considering how John Dumelo could bring her closer to her dreams or desire in life. That’s what we call a partnership or marriage.
A lot of people, especially women have bought into this misconception that Love is all that needs to exist for a relationship or marriage to happen.
That’s the biggest BS out there—Love alone is never enough. It goes beyond the childish fairy-tale or delusion of unconditional love.
If you do not have anything valuable to offer apart from Love, someone with Love and a lot more to offer has every right to take away your partner, if your partner wants more than just Love.
That’s life: it’s about what you can bring to the table.
And if Gifty Mawunya Nkornu brings a good NDC connection to the table, John Dumelo who wants that has every right to jump at it—with love.


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