Judas Definitely Left The Betrayal Business For Delay- Lady Is A Pro!

Why people allow themselves to be interviewed by Delay is something beyond my immediate comprehension especially when you know she might do something you may necessarily not like.
I am not sure she holds a knife to anyone’s throat waiting to slit in cold blood if the fellow says no. I remember one person coming out to say Delay included a part of their interview they had told her not to.
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If everything Kurl Songs is saying is anything that holds enough water, then we are safe to say Delay has once again betrayed someone.
In January when Delay interview the Jennifer Lomotey man, he reportedly said he was in no serious relationship but has a lot of women to satisfy him sexually should there be a need.
Kurl in an interview has revealed how much he pleaded with Delay not to include that bit to the whole interview yet she did not heed to him and did the opposite.
According to him, she rode on that to promote her brand and show. Speaking to Doreen Avio on ‘Let’s Talk Showbiz’ on JoyNews, he said:
“After the interview, I told her that, please I felt I didn’t speak well here, so I’m pleading can you edit it out, I will appreciate it.
I felt really betrayed because I kept on repeating over and over again but it was because she wanted to sell her show and not my brand, she didn’t really care about my brand so I have learnt my lessons. If I offend you and I apologize and you say, ‘no’ because you want to sell your show in your selfish interest, fair enough.
“I am pleading with Ghanaians that whatever I said if you felt disrespected, that’s not who I am, I’m am truly sorry. The fact that I was being honest, maybe at that point I didn’t speak well but I am not that kind of person.”


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