(VIDEO) Ernest Opoku's Mother Dares NAYAS 1 To Lash Her Son In Kumasi And She'll Show Her Where Power Lies

The mother of Ernest Opoku being a good mother who loves her son has dared Nayas 1 to lash her son in Kumasi and she will show her where power lies.
Ernest Opoku’s mother reacting to the caning brouhaha stated that it baffles her as to why Nayas 1 had the audacity to lash her son in the studios of Adom FM after levelling damning allegations against her son.

Ernest Opoku’s mother who obviously was pissed by the actions of Nayas 1 added that the actress is still single due to her barbaric attitude.

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She continued that Nayas 1 would have seen the animal in her if the caning incident happened in Kumasi.
It was recently reported on the various online news portals that Nayas 1 ‘stormed’ the studios of Adom FM during a live worship programme which Ernest Opoku was present and lashed him with canes.

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Ernest Opoku was heard on live radio screeching, “Ajeeeiii, Ajeeeiii, Ajeeiiii…”.
Watch the video below.



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