CHRIS-VINCENT Writes: Meghan Markle is Not A Proper Feminist–Ghanaian Social Media Feminists Will Claim

Meghan Markle

This is why I do not take any Ghanaian social media feminist serious. In fact, it’s all about the LIKES—and the desperation to be known.
A lot of them have no real jobs, and not in any way empowered, and yet scream women empowerment.
First of all, empower your ass before you scream to the other women about doing this.
They shout that a woman should become a CEO—taking away the most important aspect of a person’s existence, CHOICE. And they are not CEOs themselves, most of them are unemployed.
If you think I am lying, check their Facebook profiles or they should kindly tell us where they work—the brilliant jobs they do. You will find on their profiles: blogger (a blogger that no one reads), you will find a radio presenter (unpaid radio gig), you will find actress (ask them the last time they appeared in any movie) an entrepreneur, which every smart person knows it means unemployed when it comes to a lot of our contemporary social media folks.
These feminists claim a woman should not change for a man—a woman shouldn’t give up her career to become a wife or a mother.
But today, we all watched Meghan Markle marry Prince Harry. And before that happened, she did not just move from America to come and live in the UK. She gave up her career—something worth more than any of these so-called Ghanaian social media feminist will get as a career.
She also gave up all her social media accounts. She gave up the blog that she built from scratch.
Tell me: what’s the difference between the Meghan Markle’s sort of feminism and that of what those on Ghana’s social media landscape preach?

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The answer is that Meghan is an intelligent feminist, a true feminist. She appreciates and understands the subtle nuances of the conversation—she respects the institution of marriage and she understands that feminism does not necessarily mean a man and a woman are the same because that’s not even biologically or physiologically possible. But that we ought to create an environment where women are provided with the chance to have the same opportunities as men.
A man is a man and a woman is a woman—each has an important role to play in life. Meghan knows her role as a woman, as a wife, and as a Duchess of Sussex. She wouldn’t wake up and claim to be the man in the marriage or that she’s the Duke of Sussex.
If you ever buy into the absurd rhetorics or conceptions of these bitter woman, disguised as feminists on social media, you will screw up your own life.
Meghan is a feminist who cares about women empowerment, but she understands that when it comes to a relationship, it’s largely a matter of what the two people in the relationship decide to do.
Don’t let anyone tell you how to run your marriage or relationship with some stupid feminism nonsense. If Harry wants a cup of tea and he asks Meghan, she will go to the kitchen and get it done for him.
And she doesn’t have to be told to be respectful, obedient or submissive to her husband–she already knows.
She’s even going to give up her citizenship, the core of her national identity for a man.
If you are a woman and you say a woman shouldn’t sacrifice a career or whatever for a man because that goes against feminism, then you surely have no idea about what feminism really is…
Be like Meghan, the wise true feminist and not like those who stay on social media every day, chanting feminism for followers and likes.
—Chris-Vincent Agyapong


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