Rev. Mensah Bonsu Has Asked That Ernest Opoku Apologises To NAYAS 1 But Why Must He?

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Mensah Bonsu

If there is anyone who needs all the apologies, it is definitely Ernest Opoku— he is not supposed to be telling anyone he is sorry, after all, it was he who received the lashes.
I believe this is the last take on the Ernest and Nayas foolishness of an issue. We have heard near to nothing after the arrest of the man beater, Nayas after a doctor revealed she was never pregnant in the first place.
We can never tell what actually transpired between these two, what was said and unsaid because you and I were not there. What we know for sure though is they had a sexual relationship which led to a pregnancy which was not there in the first place.
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Right from the word go, it has been Ernest who has been at the receiving end even if all that he did was at the back of deceit and he has kept his cool.
As if washing that linen was not good enough, the woman had to go whip a grown ass man like that and he is supposed to render some sort of an apology?
Gospel musician Rev. Mensah Bonsu says Ernest should apologise to Nayas so he could spare himself any turmoil. Speaking to Pamela on of GN TV, he said:
‘‘Whenever I sin, I rebuke myself and confess my sins to God. God did not come to condemn us. Condemnation is not biblical. When you wrong someone, you need to accept and ask for forgiveness and determine it won’t recur. It’s good Ernest says he’s sought forgiveness from God.
“My problem is, if he hasn’t sought forgiveness from Nayas, he should do so, so she can freely forgive him. It is obvious Nayas is doing all these out of pain.
On whether gospel artists should charge for their services, he commented that they all have diverse calling so he not going to call out on someone for billing for a program, however in an ideal situation, they ought not to charge.
‘‘We all have different callings so I won’t condemn anyone. Some of my colleagues charge because of the dubious behaviours of some pastors.
“I once went to minister in a church and after the ministration; the host who was supposed to see to my welfare was nowhere to be found. Ideally, musicians shouldn’t charge.”

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