Revealing A Celebrity's Prophecy Publicly Is The Wrong Thing To Do — Prophet

A prophet known as Daniel Amoateng has slammed prophets who publicly reveal a certain prophecy concerning a celebrity that has come to them.
According to him, the better route to take is to call the person involved and reveal the prophecy to them.
In recent months and especially since the death of Ebony Reigns, it had become quite fashionable for prophets to reveal publicly that Celebrity A or Celebrity B is about to die.
Shatta Wale is one of those who has suffered such ‘prophesies’ the most in recent times.
However, addressing the issue, Amoateng said prophets should privately inform those involved.

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“The simplest thing to do by wisdom, (that is why Prophets need to learn) is to talk to the celebrity after service. When I see something during service, I’m not supposed to say it publicly. Yes, God showed it to me but I’ve to contact you privately to give you the information and pray with you so that everything will be well.” he said.
“John Dumelo is a friend I completed school with so if I see something about him, should I wait for him to be at my church before I announce for the congregation to know about it to make name? Prophets are not supposed to be superstars. I want to admonish every man of God to privately talk to celebrities when they see anything about them.” Prophet Daniel Amoateng added.

Nii Smiley Byte, Managing Editor
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