"Are You Going To Train Prost*tutes Or WHAT?" — Social Media User Questions Moesha's Intention For Setting Up Children's Foundation (SCREENSHOT)


In recent times, most Ghanaian celebrities especially the females have cultivated the habit of either setting up foundations with motives best known to them or anchoring their own television shows which are mostly of cooking contents. A typical example is Yvonne Okoro’s ‘Cooks and Braggarts’ bla bla bla.
Now Moesha Budoung after publicly admitting that she f*cks men in exchange for money and material gains has also joined ‘Yanoom’ by setting up a foundation for children.

Moesha Budoung’s so-called children’s foundation which by our checks lacks credibility and purpose got some savage comments from her followers and fans on Instagram.

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One of the comments that caught our attention was from one seidu4052, he wrote, “Are you going to train prost*tutes or what am just asking ooo”.

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If Moesha who sat on the biggest News platform, CNN and unequivocally admitted that she f*cks married men for money and material gains has set up a foundation for children then you don’t need to be told that children who’ll benefit from her so-called foundation are doomed as the folks of Sodom and Gomorrah of old.



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