The Jewish View On Why Africans Are Still Poor And Behind Economically — The Case Study Of Why AU Day Celebration Isn't Relevant (PHOTO)

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Today, May 25, 2018, happens to be the celebration of African Union Day (AU) and as usual, it would be characterized by long and epic speeches without proper measures taken to ensure the growth and development of the continent.
Africa, upon its rich resources, is still behind the western world in terms of development and wealth creation–a problem that has been attributed to its greedy and self-centered leaders.

We pride ourselves on the celebration of Africa Union Day (AU) and it’s even a public holiday while we still have bad roads, poor healthcare delivery system, poor educational system and a host of numerous problems.
Apart from African leaders being greedy and selfish, the ordinary African is also part of the problem. Put an African in a top position and he or she is bound to follow the footsteps of the greedy leaders he or she has been criticising.

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On a sunny AU Day, we choose to share with you the Jewish view on why Africans are still poor and behind economically–a problem that has developed into ‘cancer’ in the brains of the majority of Africans.
The theory of wealth creation is bogus to the African–our obsession with consumption (buying) than producing (selling) is ‘crazy’, perhaps we have been made to think that wealth is all about the number of material things one possesses which is a big myth!

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The leaders in Africa should up their game because we’ve come a long way to be battling with poverty and the basic things that make life a bit comfortable to live.
The celebration of African Union Day still remains irrelevant in the face of the numerous problems on the African continent.
Below are the views of a Jewish leader on why Africans are behind economically.

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