Moesha Budoung's Obsession With Thick-Clayed Makeup Is "Incredibly Insane"–A Proof That Everything About Her Is Artificial Including Her Huge A$$ (PHOTO)

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Putting on thick-clayed makeup is now the way to go for most of the Ghanaian female celebrities–obviously to look beautiful and ‘perfect as Editor of, Chris-Vincent puts it.
Ghanaian professional s*x worker, Moesha Budoung’s obsession with thick-clayed makeup is incredibly insane–of course, that’s what her ‘customers’ want and putting it on arguments her ‘ashawo’ business.

It is obvious that Moesha Budoung cannot appear in public without putting her thick-clayed makeup on–it’s as if her survival depends on putting up a thick-clayed makeup.

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All her photos on her Instagram page seems to be photoshopped with a combination of numerous filters deceiving followers that she has a ‘perfect’ face or body.

Moesha Boduong

Not too long ago, a video of Moesha having flat a$$ popped up on social media and the question was, how the hell did she develop such a gargantuan a$$ within a short period of time? Your guess is as good as mine.

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The photo below shows how Moesha is insanely obsessed with thick-clayed makeup.

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