Rapper M.anifest Looking Like A Carved Wooden Object Representing An "Ugly Underwater god" In This Artwork (PHOTO)

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The brand of Ghanaian rapper, M.anifest is more of a 13th-century brand judging from scenes and costumes used in his music videos and to some, it is beautiful and represents the true nature of the African musician.
Rapper M.anifest even though raps in the Queen’s language but his appearance is totally different–completely depicting that of a 13th-century African musician.

As it is said, Fashion is personal and anyone is at liberty to a taste of fashion style that fits his or her brand. The majority of Ghanaian musicians are obsessed with foreign fashion–always imitating the likes of Beyonce, Jay Z, Lil Wayne and the likes.

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This artwork of rapper M.anifest clearly depicts the African, you can call it ugly but it’s beautiful and a true representation of a black “ugly underwater god”.
Of course, rapper M.anifest is a rap god and this artwork says it all.

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