Actress Baby Blanche Has Made Some Revelations About Her Life That A Toddler Won't Even Believe

Baby Blanche

This one has done me nothing but she is not someone I will call a favourite. She is too all over the place and her incessant crave for attention is sickening.
It is one thing not wanting anyone to know about what you have decided as an adult to do in the comfort of your room and when to even do it and it is an entirely different thing to come and sit on a platform, look us in the eye and bath us with blatant lies.
Actress Baby Blanche is a nudist however you may want to look at it. It is either she is braless or wearing something that leaves nothing to the imagination.
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According to the Hot Fork actress who has reiterated so many times she would not mind playing an obscene scene, she broke her virginity last year adding that she was above 18 years.
She says only bad girls break their virginity earlier and that goes a long way to hit on the kind of upbringing they might have had growing up.
“Actually I am a very good girl. I didn’t do it early. I broke my virginity not very early and I didn’t do it before I turned 18. That’s why I am saying I am a very very good girl. Some girls broke their virginity early and if they weren’t raped then they are very bad girls.
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“Why are you curious? What made you do it? That means there is a problem with your upbringing as a girl and that’s my opinion.
“You broke your virginity at the age of 12, 13, 14 …really? Religiously, it is wrong to have sex before marriage. But legally it is accepted in Ghana to have sex at 18.
“So at least if you can’t abide by the rules of God who is sympathetic, you can do it after 18. So I did it way after 18. I broke my virginity last year.
“I remember the last time I broke my virginity but I can’t remember the last time I had sex. It’s been a long time I had sex.
“I am not a sex freak. I should extremely be into you…What I mean is that I have to be into you to enjoy making love with you.
“It doesn’t mean that every day I do it. It could be one year but the day we do it, wonders must happen. But I don’t remember the last time I had sex and also I won’t talk about my relationship with the media.”
She made these revelations on NEWS-ONE.


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