(NEW MUSIC) "You Ain't Got Skills, You Are Just Daddy's Pride; You Are godMc In Your Pocket" — Jayso 'Punches' M.anifest In His 'Barfest' Track

There could be a looming ‘beef’ and it’s definitely gonna be between music producer and rapper, Jayso and M.anifest judging from the heavy punchlines directed at M.anifest in Jayso’s new track titled, ‘Barfest’.
We all know the connection between Sarkodie and Jayso and this could be a warning from Jayso to M.anifest to stay off the affairs of the boss of SarkCess Music, Sarkodie.

Jayso in his ‘Barfest’ track dissed M.anifest that his rap is nothing special and that calling himself godMC doesn’t tickle him one bit because gods are lesser beings who ain’t to be worshipped.
Check out some of the heavy punchlines in Jayso’s ‘Barfest’ track.

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“All these lesser gods ain’t on my level, all these metaphors ain’t that special, I heard your new joint yh….”
“You ain’t got skills, you are just daddy’s pride”
“Listen my man, you be god(Mc) for your pocket, we don’t bow to idols, we read Bibles with the brothers..”

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“Don’t ever take me for granted, I passed the school of hard nuts”.
Well, we look forward to M.anifest’s reply, that’s if he wants to respond.
Take a listen to Jayso’s ‘Barfest’ below.


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