Game Over!! — Yvonne Nelson And Whiteboy 'Baby Daddy' Jamie Roberts Have Split Up

She can’t say she wasn’t warned. Yvonne Nelson’s fairytale with her ‘obroni’ baby daddy, Jamie Roberts, is seemingly over.
Despite their daughter together, Ryn, and Yvonne’s desperate attempt to pressure him for marriage, Roberts has skipped out on Nelson like everyone warned her he would.
The couple have tried to end everything and keep it on the down low but it’s easy to notice the signs and they are all over social media.
For one thing, they have both unfollowed each other, which for a couple is the first sign of huge trouble. Secondly they have both deleted any photo they have together.
For poor Yvonne Nelson, who once called on Almighty God to bless Jamie Roberts for being the greatest daddy ever, she’s even had to take down that post.

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Jamie has also posted a pic of his kids with his former wife, obviously to spite Yvonne if nothing else.
When Yvonne got together with Roberts, alarm bells were ringing all around, first after the British photographer’s ex-wife came out to reveal that they were still together and Yvonne had broken them up.
Also, as we wrote here, it was highly likely Jamie Roberts was a player with a black fetish who just wanted to chop a lady like Yvonne and had no plans of sticking around – which seemingly has come to pass.
Ryn is now the poor one left in the middle, left fatherless as Yvonne Nelson joins the list of single born ones littering the Ghanaian female celebrity world.


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